The # 1 Problem in golf: club head throwaway

Train the right hand to maintain lag pressure with Pitch Grip©

Pitch Grip© accomplishes this by having the left hand form
built into the grip. The golfer enjoys the same
leverage and pressure points the right hand normally feels,
without the overpowering left hand

Where is the lag pressure stored? The Trigger Finger Channel©

Increasing the circumference for index finger control
 gives noticeable feedback to the golfer. The Trigger Finger Channel©
makes it possible for golfers of all levels
to finally understand how the index finger can actually control
the club head.  Just like throwing a ball, the right hand
has coordination that will finally be understood in the golf swing
with the help of this feature.

did we mention

it's handsome


Pitch Grip Lag Pressure Training Package - Includes Right Hand Lag Pressure Training Club & 2 Trigger Grips


PitchGrip Golf - Right Hand Lag Pressure Training Club


Trigger Finger Grip - Lag Pressure Training Grip (2 handed practice grip)